6 easy ways to turn your day around

Everyone has had one of those days.. you know what I’m talking about! Nothing has gone the way you’d hoped and everyone is pissing you off. Obviously no one likes those days, and to be honest, no one likes being around someone when they’re having one of those days.

If you catch yourself in one of those slumps, there are so many different things you can do to make it a little better. Below you’ll see some of the things that work the best for me. Hopefully you’ll find at least one thing that may help you turn your frown upside down!

First things first, give yourself ten minutes


Give yourself some time, five, ten, twenty minutes. However long, just say, “okay for the next ten minutes I’m going to sulk and wallow in my unhappiness”. Just get it out of your system. Whether that means putting your headphones in and listening to your emo music from high school, shutting yourself in a dark room, having a good cry, or all of the above. Do whatever you need to help you feel sorry for yourself. Then once your ten minutes are up, you suck it up and you move on.

Take a long, hot shower

For me, this is one of the best ways to relax. In the shower, no one bothers you (unless you have kids. Then someone will probably bother you). It’s just you- no phone, no other people, just you and your thoughts. So take that time to just simply think about nothing but the water hitting you and washing away the grossness of your bad day. When you get out, you feel clean and refreshed, and it makes it a little easier to handle whatever stress you’re having to deal with!

Get some fresh air

There’s something about being outside in the clean, fresh air, especially when it’s sunny! Go for a walk, explore your city or a nearby park, or even just eat your lunch outside. Get out and change your scenery! I’m pretty sure that breathing fresh air can cleanse your mind of negative thoughts. It may not be scientifically proven but I’m pretty sure that’s 100% accurate anyways.

Clean Something

To me, there’s just something that feels so good about having a clean space; it makes you feel like you at least kind of have your shit together. Whether you dust and vacuum your whole house or just straighten up your desk, when your environment is neater, you feel better and can think more clearly. Plus it’s nicer to look at! And chances are it was probably time to clean anyways 😉



Okay lol I don’t ever do this. But I do know that it makes a lot of people feel better! And in the wise words of Elle Woods, “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t”.

Indulge in your guilty pleasure

It could be ice cream or a reality TV show (mine is the Kardashians. No shame.) Whatever it is, it’s something that makes you happy! So do it and do it without shame! When your having a bad day and all you want is to watch the Bachelor while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with a bottle of wine on the side, you go for it! Why!? Because you deserve it! That’s why.

Talk to someone

A best friend, significant other, parent, sibling, anyone! 9 times out of 10 just talking about it helps, but also knowing you have someone there to listen to you is such a great feeling. Plus, if they know you well at all, they will know what to say or do to help you feel better. And having those kind of people in your life makes the heart happy (:

So hopefully you found at least one way to help improve your attitude on one of those not-so-good days! What are some other things that make you smile when you’re sad!?

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